Family Passover Seder - ALL JEWS WELCOME

A project of Chabad of Flatbush and Bris Avraham

Jewish Families join together to relive our Exodus from Egypt and experience the Seder in a fun, warm and inviting atmosphere.

  • Kids are part of the Seder!
  • English, Hebrew and Russian easy-to-use Haggadahs.
  • Matza and wine/grape juice provided.
  • Mouth watering Kosher-for-Passover meal.

Price: $25 adult / $20 child $70 / family max. 

No one will be turned away due to the lack of funds!
Please call Rabbi Dovber at 718-406-3915 or email

Location: 1923 Ocean Ave.

Doors open at 8:15pm. Kiddush at 8:30pm.

Second night approx. 15 minutes later.

Shemurah Matzah Request

Commonly known as shemurah matzah, round, handmade matzah is preferable for the Seder (and for the entire Passover). In addition to being traditional, it has the important benefit of having been made by an actual human being who baked it with holy intentions and took care to ensure that it did not rise—a requirement for the matzahs used at the Seder.

Shemura Matzah is available for purchase in almost all local Kosher Grocery Stores. if you don't have any, and aren't able to get from the store, please email us at  and we'll be try to accommodate.

Sell your Chametz online

Chometz may not remain in one’s possession over Pesach.  A person who owns any Chometz that which cannot be removed or destroyed in time, may arrange for their chometz to be sold to a non-Jew. [Any chometz remaining in the possession of a Jew during Pesach may not be used, eaten, bought or sold even after Pesach.]

The sale of chometz is not just a mere ritual, but is carried out in a legal manner by a Rabbi. Since there are many legal intricacies in this sale, only a competent Rabbi should be entrusted with its execution.  The Rabbi is empowered to conduct this sale on behalf of any individual wishing to sell chometz. After Pesach the non-Jew may be approached by the Rabbi to sell the chometz back to the original owners.

Normally, we are meticulous (mehader) to meet the Rabbi in person and formally authorize him to arrange the sale for us. This is the preferred method. However for those for whom medical concerns or physical distance make it impossible, it is permissible to organize the sale online through electronic authorization, using the following link: