Lag Baomer

Lag Baomer Raffle

Win a Set of Seforim (Jewish Books); a bike; a super-big remote-controlled car

Jewish Children!
The enormous power Hashem has given you to bring Moshiach is waiting to be unleashed!

Do something extra in the following areas and you can win!

TORAH - say the 12 Pesukim (click here)*.
Bonus: learn today's portion of Chumash for 3 extra chances in the raffle!

TEFILLAH (prayer) - say chapter 33 of Tehillim.

TZEDAKA (chairty) - put 18 coins (any type: pennies, nickles, dimes or quarters) of your own money into a Pushka (chairty-box) of your choice.

AHAVAS YISRAEL - call a friend you haven't spoken to in-a-while to say hello.

Completed all 4 tasks? Enter your information below to enter the raffle.


Learn the 12 Pesukim by heart and get $12 certificate!

See the 12 Peukim flyer for more details.

Torah - 12 Pesukim
Tefillah - Chapter 33 in Tehillim
Tzedaka - 18 coins into a Pushka
Ahavas Yisroel - call a friend
I learned today's Torah portion - please give me 3 extra chances in the raffle

Lag Baomer project
is sponsored by
Yosef & Lilly Cohen-Arazi
in memory of his father
יעקב בן אסתר הכהן סטוט
נפטר ל"ג בעומר ה'תשע"ב 2012


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