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Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - 14 Cheshvan 5780
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WHAT to you KNOW? - Moshiach series
Click here to see full video for the past classes



It's about time you should know... 



 Join now!
Introducing a series of 12 classes touching on
the most fundamental Jewish belief.

Every Tuesday 8:45 - 10:00 pm
For Men & Women
(followed  by Maariv)
Chabad Lubavitch of Flatbush
1923 Ocean Ave. (between Ave N & O)



- See below for schedule of dates & topics -


Part 1 - The facts and reasons of redemption

תשעה באב
יהפך יום זה לששון ולשמחה
August 9
Who will build the Beis HaMikdosh?
Mincha - 6:30pm, Class - 7:30pm, Maariv - 8:33pm. Followed by full break-fast meal.
ט"ז אב
August 16
Can I be an observant Jew without believing in Moshiach?
- The centrality of Moshiach and redemption in Jewish faith and theology
כ"ג אב
August 23
Will candy grow on the trees? Is it possible to see G-d?
- The new reality in the time of the redemption
ל' אב
August 30
How false Moshiachs gained their following...
- Moshiach in Jewish history.

Part 2 - Who will do it - the qualifications of Moshiach

ז' אלול
September 6
Can Moshiach be an angel?
- Why Moshiach must be human
י"ד אלול
September 13
Can any Tzadik be Moshiach?
- The persona of Moshiach.
כ"א אלול
September 20
Moshiach or redemption, What comes first?
- Why Moshiach must be from the house of David.

Part 3 - The time is now

כ"ח אלול
September 27
Does the coming of Moshiach have a date?
- The presence of a potential Moshiach in every generation.
ו' תשרי
October 4
Can Moshiach come in our time?
- The footsteps and signs of Moshiach in our generation
י"ג תשרי
October 11
- Why is the Rebbe so obsessed with Moshiach?
- The centrality of Moshiach in the history and philosophy of Chabad.
- Guest Speaker: Rabbi Gershon Avtzon

Part 4 - It's up to you!

כ' תשרי
October 18
Do I have an effect on the redemption process?
- How Mitzvos bring Moshiach
כ"ז תשרי
October 25
Does G-d appoint Moshiach?
- The role of the Jewish people in accepting the G-dly chosen leader.

Email your question today, and get answered throughout the series: Moshiach@ChabadFlatbush.org



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