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Thursday, September 19, 2019 - 19 Elul 5779
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Dear friends
by Letter by Rabbi Zalman & Chanie Liberov

I Hope this letter finds you well.

On Wednesday, the 18th of Adar, February 27th, would have been our dear son Avraham Dovid's 13thbirthday; his Bar-Mitzvah. A Bar Mitzvah marks the time when a Jewish boy enters the age of adulthood and is now obligated to keep the commandments of Judaism, called mitzvahs.

As you are unfortunately aware, Avraham Dovid lost his life in a tragic accident 3 years ago and is not yet back with us to celebrate this momentous occasion. Since Avraham Dovid cannot currently fulfill themitzvahs, we are taking it upon ourselves to perform more mitzvahs in his memory, which has an immense impact on his neshama, his soul.

Two years ago we dedicated a Mitzvah Tank in Avraham Dovid’s name. The Mitzvah Tank acts as an educational and outreach center on wheels and mini-synagogue to reach out to non-observant or alienated Jews. Needless to say, the Mitzvah Tank has had an enormous impact on so many. Some Jews who come in haven’t entered a synagogue in years. Others, who declare themselves as "atheists" have ended up putting on Tefilin in this special “Mitzvah Tank”.

On the day of Avraham Dovid's Bar-Mitzvah we will be holding a fundraising dinner at "Kings Terrace" on Kings Highway, Brooklyn. We will continue our son’s legacy by increasing the exceptional activities of the Mitzvah Tank. In this way we can give our son his own Bar Mitzvah presents – in the form of mitzvahs, good deeds which will be done in his honor.

We are looking forward to your participation, along with your friends and family at this meaningful event.The couvert for the evening is $180 per person, $280 Friend, $560 Donor, $770 Sponsor, $1100 Founder, and $1800 Leader.

Resurrection of the dead is the last of the 13 principles of Jewish faith. We pray to G-d that Avraham Dovid will reunite with us long before his 13th birthday.

With prayers and hopes to celebrate together with the Rebbe Melech HaMoshiach Now!

Rabbi Zalman and Chanie Liberov

P.S. Please see article about Mitzvah Tank (Image Magazine). 
P.P.S. It would be greatly helpful and greatly appreciated if you register now by clicking here.



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