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Thursday, January 23, 2020 - 26 Tevet 5780
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Pesach Online Short Guide

  Don’t Celebrate Alone  
Celebrate the festival of Freedom with good company. Join us for an inspiring and delicious Traditional Pesach Seder. Contact us to reserve your place or for information on other Seders near you. 

Feel free to ask for assistance on how to conduct your own Seder or the option of a volunteer coming to your home to help you run it yourself!

Registration required! 
Click here to reserve your seat

  Keep Your Whiskey  
No need to throw out your whiskey collection or perfumes before Pesach! It’s forbidden to own any Chametz on Pesach but you may sell it to a non-Jew and acquire it back after the festival. 

Simply store it away and section off that area over Pesach. The rest is quite complicated, so we prefer to leave it to an experienced Rabbi who acts as our agent. 

  The Bentley Of Matzah  
One of the fastest moving vehicles on the planet, the Bentley is a luxurious piece of work. Each car is handmade with precision. Each piece welded and shined with care. You can’t compare it to the machine made cars - made in bulk in gigantic factories. 

Fresh handmade matzah. Each piece lovingly crafted and shaped, ensuring the dough does not become chametz. It can’t be compared to the machine made matzos - made in bulk in gigantic factories. 
This Pesach choose the Bentley of Matzah for your Pesach Seder. Shmura Matzah - the real quality.
Order your Shmura Matzah TODAY!
 718-252-9770 or info@ChabadFlatbush.org
  Not Just Potatoes Peels  
In the past, pious Jews survived on potatoes & water, to ensure the food they ate during the festival was strictly Kosher for Passover. 

Now we can walk into any grocery store and be treated to a delicious selection of Kosher for Passover treats. 

Take the extra minute to ensure that the food you are buying has a special Kosher for Passover symbol on it. The spiritual rewards for yourself and your family are astounding! 
  Hey, Kiddo! We Saved You A Seat!  
There are all types of children - studious, carefree, simple. The Haggadah mentions 4 distinct types of children who participate in the Seder. In addition, the Lubavitcher Rebbe describes a fifth child – one who doesn’t feel the need to join the community and has not come to participate. 

The Rebbe urges us to reach out and encourage them to come join in a Seder as we celebrate the freedom of our people. 

Make it your mission this Pesach to find that ‘fifth son’ and show him that you care. It can make a world of a difference.
  It’s Just the Beginning!  
As the festival commemorating our past redemption draws to a close, we highlight our focus on the final redemption which will be heralded by Moshiach. Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov, instituted the custom of partaking in ‘Moshiach’s Meal’ – a ‘seder’ of sorts that includes Matzah and 4 cups of wine (or grape juice); accompanied by traditional Chassidic song. 

This meal takes place on the afternoon of the eighth day of Passover. 
Join Chabad of Flatbush on the 27th of April at 7:15pm, as we conclude Pesach with a rejuvenated faith in the fulfillment of the Rebbe’s prophecy of the imminent redemption.


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