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Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 30 Sivan 5777
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8:13 PM in Flatbush
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Friday, 30 June 2017
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Daily Shachris Minyan
We are pleased to announce the launch of a new daily Minyan for Shachris - M-F at 7am Sharp and Sundays at 8am.
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Chabad Playgroup
We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the coming school year of 5778 (2017-2018). We will bez'h be opening a second class..
News & Events

Weekly Tanya Class
Great News! After many requests throughout the past few years, we are starting again a weekly Tanya class in English!! Click for more details.
Techiyas Hamaisim
In honor of the 7th Yarhtzeit of Avraham David Liberow, please join us for an in-depth discussion on the subject of Techiyas Hamaisim - ressurection
Mystery Auction
At Shifra and Puah, we are dedicated to caring for mothers who have just given birth; pampering them for a full week with a fresh, gourmet breakfast.
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The Weekly Aliyot of the Parsha
A short summary of the Torah portion read in the Synagogue on Shabbat.
Weekly Torah Portion

Our Parsha - Korach
Text of Parshah (Hebrew with English translation) - Parshas Korach
Jack of all Trades
Once, a Jew noticed a pair of tefillinin the house of a gentile peasant. Upon seeing a holy object in such a place he began to inquire about the...
From Essence to Actualization
by Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh
In this audio meditation, Rabbi Ginsburgh leads us through the stages of the actualization of essence that manifested through the staff of Aaron...
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The Throw-Away Generation
We live in a throw-away generation. Per capita, each person in the US produces 760 kilograms, or almost one ton of garbage per year...

In the Light of Rabbi Shimon
The group of sages gathered around the bed of their mentor, listening avidly to the words of wisdom emitting from his lips. His final request of...
Will the format of our prayers change in the time of Redemption?
When the Child Becomes Bar Mitzva
On the eve of 20 Elul 5760 (2000), the bar mitzva of Yosef Sorotzkin was celebrated. It was an especially moving occasion because Yosef, a sweet...
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The 17th of tammuz - Customs and Laws
The 17th day in the Jewish month of Tammuz, Jews the world over fast and lament to commemorate the many calamities that have befallen our people on...

Request Shofar Blowing
by Chabad of Flatbush
If you are not available to make it to Shul this Rosh Hashana, we can try to send someone to your house. Please use this form to contact us and we w
Request Shofar Blowing
by Chabad of Flatbush
If you are not availble to make it to Shul this Rosh Hashana, we can try to send someone to your house. Please use this form to contact us and we will
The Battle for the Kotel
by Rabbi Simon Jacobson
In those years, the area in front of the Kotel did not look like it does today. Only a narrow alley separated the Kotel and the Arab houses on its...
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